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PHD Wax is used for the Waxing.

There are three varieties available. Tea tree, Honey or Natural Creme.

The wax comes in a tube with a removable disposable head that is replaced for every client. The head has a non-return valve so the wax cannot return into the tube. So it is a very safe and hygienic form of waxing because the wax has never been in contact with any other clients. This helps eliminate the risk of infection or cross contamination.


It will leave your skin healthy, smooth, silky soft and hair free. It has also been proved to slow down and reduce the hair growth. 

Full leg including Bikini line  £30

Full leg w/o Bikini line           £28

3/4 leg                                     £25

1/2 leg                                     £18

Bikini line only                        £10

Under arms                            £10

Full arm                                  £25

1/2 arm                                   £18

Facial waxing                from £8

Back                                        £25

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